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Centurion Press; an independent publisher seeks to captivate its reading audience with stories from authors that provide an alternative to the present state of affairs within the ruling elites government. Their first release by the author Michael Lindsay provides the reader a story that is exciting along with revealing possible future alternatives to consider.

A Throne Awaits

by Michael Lindsay

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A Throne Awaits



Harvard Stone, the author’s main character exposes the problems facing the planet’s nations as the powerful bankers attempt to thwart his attempt to enter the White House as the first President to win as a write in Candidate. The story gives the reader a glimpse into one possible future that might deliver the human race out of its insatiable appetite for debt along with the hope that one man might be the difference between the powerful bankers and wealthy businessmen and their legions of special interests and their controlled elected puppets. A must read for any voter with a dream of a better life.

He is the one person who decides that the founding fathers, which foresaw what men where not capable of doing for the benefit of all, would come to the forefront and finish what started in 1772. One possible future for America might be realized if they possessed the knowledge to take the necessary step and rise above the rhetoric of the image-makers and puppeteers in today’s world.

When the special interests ban together to present to the voting public their puppet, they embark on a path to protect and secure what they believe is best for them and they alone, regardless of the consequences others will have to face. These individuals learned that selling a point to the voters could lead to laws that protect and preserve their interests.

In 1982, a write-in candidate from California was elected to congress. How could someone defeat the Republican and Democratic image machines at the polls? Realizing that it was possible after only the fourth victory in history occurred the question arose why not the President. Can we have a totally independent leader, beholden to no one, except the well being of the nations citizens? Is that possible? The answer is found in the story of “A THRONE AWAITS” as Harvard Stone makes his way across the land delivering a message of freedom.

America held in its hand the opportunity to become the greatest of all time with the stroke of a pen. This act of defiance took less than a minute and provided all with a way to be free without bloodshed. A Revolt with a Revolt is what history would record. The messages in the campaign captured American’s hearts and soul along with delivering the elite minority a vision to their end. They were deter- mined to not have their positions shaken by the upstart, so embarked on a mission to protect at all costs.

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